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cut tree

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i have these med sized trees on the side of my yard. if i were to cut them about 6' high, is there something i can do to make them keep growing from the trunk ?
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What kind of trees are they. I don't all of the ones that re-grow, but I have experienced maples (native Maine variety) and white birch (several varieties) will turn into a bush very quickly. Usually, one or two dominant sprouts will become trees over time.

The alternative to having a tree that will regrow from the root would be to graft branches from above and get them established (long time) and then cut the tree off and have a shorter tree. The long time is because the new branches will need to be established enough to feed the remaining tree. The tree people should be able to advise.

I have never attempted grafting, but have seen apple trees with multiple varieties doing nicely.

How big is the tree? Any old leaves laying around. Maples are easy to identify and the ones I cut immediately sprouted new shoots from the stump.

BTW, is this tree close to the house?

If you want a 10' tree with branches, that would take grafting. If it regrows from the roots, it will start from ground level and come up as multiple small trees. Being that big, IMO, I would remove it and the stump and plant what I wanted.

I also don't think the suckers that propagate from a cut stump will result in the shape of a tree you would like. The old stump remains as part of the root ball and as it decays it leaves the tree open to infestations. Just my opinion.

Planting new allows you to start with a bigger tree and place it exactly where you want.

1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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