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Cut Ends of Barn Board

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Hello all,

I've just purchased some very nice barn board that I intend to turn into a coffee table. Does anyone have advice on how to treat the cut ends in terms of having the color difference not be so noticeable?

That is, the exposed cut ends will no longer match the silvery grey parts of the wood that weathered over the years. I want to reduce that effect.

Thanks in advance!

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breadboard edges would be best if it's one solid piece, but if it's more it'd be hard to do......

but maybe you could burn the edges with a torch and then wire brush them lightly and then clearcoat.

or you could use some grey primer and then when it's dry, maybe rub some ashes into the edges to blend the paint effect, then clear coat with satin finish. i did similar to repair a broken clock.

just a couple more ideas.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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