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Cut down ends in oak dowels

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I have some dowels I need the ends cut down to fit into a hole. The one dowel is currently 5/8" and I want the end to be 3/8" diameter. I was thinking of doing it the same was as I did half lap joints where I attached a piece to the fence before the blade on a table saw. Used the miter gauge and held the end of the stock up against the stop I attached. Than ran the piece through the blade. In doing it with a doll I'd have to make several passes rotating the dowel slightly each time so I get a perfectly round end. I don't own a radial arm saw and I don't trust my harbor freight miter saw for this. Is my way good enough or is there a better way? Btw the pieces are only going to be 7-10 inches long and won't extend over the side of the table saw
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i don't want to use a 3/8" dowel because then the hole it's going into will have to be a perfectly drilled hole. I want that shoulder to hide that hole
Nice video. Not what I'm looking for. Maybe I need to actually explain what I'm trying to accomplish instead of letting you all guessing. I'm trying to build a gliding ottoman. Some of the components are dowels that span vertical and horizontal for structural purposes. By looking at the one I'm trying to match I can tell they aren't running the entire 5/8" and 7/8" dowels into the wood. They obviously have shoulder cuts in the dowels so you don't see the actual hole in the wood which the dowel fit into. I don't need to cut a 5/8" dowel don't to 3/8". It was just an example. I'm most likely going to shave the diameter down 1/8". So I wanted to know what's the easiest way to achieve these shoulders using a table saw. Like I said before the length of the dowels will be less than a foot long and won't extend over the side of the table saw. I was now thinking of using a v groove block (duh me) which I'd cut to a short length so I can grab the opposit end of the dowel and spin as its cutting. My question is can I use the v groove block with the miter gauge along with the rip fence as a stop or will that cause a binding and potential kickback? I'd only be cutting into the dowel a 1/16" so it wouldn't cause a lot of binding.
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I was able to get it done. I made a v groove jig and fastened that to my miter gauge. Used the fence as a stop. Ran the miter gauge in and spun the dowel till I got the shoulder and then slowly pulled the dowel away from the fence as I continued to spin the dowel. Worked out perfectly
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