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Custom Cut Natural Stone Veneer Project

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I am seriously considering installing natural stone veneer to my 10 year old stucco home (in Northern Arizona), but actually using the sandstone rocks on my property to do it with. Yup, I know that it would be allot of work to find the stone, carry it back, cut it, shape it, arrange it, then slap it onto the home, but I really want to integrate the house with the terrain ascetically and ecologically. Unfortunately, I am unable to find much information on doing this to such a raw degree.

My main cutting tool would be a 14 inch cut-off saw with a diamond blade for cutting the stone flat on the attachment side. A hammer and a variety of chisels would be used otherwise. Of course, other power tools would be used to rough up the existing painted stucco, but the main ingredient in the whole project would be patience and elbow grease.

So, any suggestions?

Dr. Z.
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Aside from Arizona law, sandstone has a grain and usually has to be worked with that in mind. For an adhered veneer, you will need to keep the weight below 14#'s per square ft. You may want to play around with some, cutting it to various thicknesses to find out how thick VS how fragile it will be in your desired shape of stone, then weighing a SqFt to see if it is even possible.
He didn't say common power tools, he said 14" cutoff saw. You do not hold it, you shave off sections of it.
Sandstone generally fractures in planes, i.e. slabs.
It depends upon the style he wants. If flag, probably 10-20%, if ledge, probably 70-80 percent waste.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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