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custom casing for entry way

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Hi everyone.

Great forum! Lots of great info and hope to learn a lot.

I've run into a small problem. I like to install casing around an open entry way however I have an issue. The jam that I bought is 6" 5/8, but the entry way is minimum 6" 14/16 and max of 6" 15/16.
It's a finished entry way and I know the corners were made with the metal corners.

I've went to several hardware stores and they don't carry any jams larger than the one I have 6" 5/8.

I'm wondering what I should do with the least amount of effort. I'm hoping someone with experience could provide some advice.

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I was looking into mdf material to begin with, but I noticed on the sample pieces from all the lumber yards and stores that I've visited that the outside edges are rounded. I'm not sure if they would do custom mdf for my size.

I'll likely ask about custom wood jams.

Yes, I've installed several baseboards last years with a nailer and compressor, very comfortable with what I need to do.. just hoping to get the right fit.

I'll be painting it white, likely two coatings.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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