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custom casing for entry way

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Hi everyone.

Great forum! Lots of great info and hope to learn a lot.

I've run into a small problem. I like to install casing around an open entry way however I have an issue. The jam that I bought is 6" 5/8, but the entry way is minimum 6" 14/16 and max of 6" 15/16.
It's a finished entry way and I know the corners were made with the metal corners.

I've went to several hardware stores and they don't carry any jams larger than the one I have 6" 5/8.

I'm wondering what I should do with the least amount of effort. I'm hoping someone with experience could provide some advice.

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if painting and doing mdf, just cut some stock down as described by joe above. paint with a sandable primer. prime and sand the fuzzies off the edges. I find it easier to do this before they are installed. prime everything again once installed, then paint. many paint one coat first, install, then put on the last coat.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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