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Hi, My wife & I are one year into a remodel of a 90 year old adobe home in the historic district of Santa Fe NM. We have tried to retain the arches in every new doorway, shaped and rounded each corner and tossed away the plumb-bob.
I am hoping to find someone who has actually used the type of plaster that claims to be so waterproof that it can be used as a last coat of a shower. I have seen the YouTube videos of Perfectino and I think that is a product that would work - I think (?) - Does anyone have experience with this, or with a product made in the good 'ol USA that is easier to get than the Perfectino from Amsterdam?
Venetian plaster sounds attractive but I wonder how watertight that could be on a molecular level considering the particles of marble dust embedded into lime.
This is assuming that I don’t get help from advanced aliens who have a way of bending sheets of granite into curvaceous shapes.
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