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Curtain Pole Conundrum

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Hoping for some help with a curtain pole conundrum that has left me scratching my head for a solution.

I have a long pole in my bedroom where I have double patio doors. It requires centre support for the 2 individual sections of the pole. However, the is no space to put a centre bracket as there is no space between the top of the doors and the coving.

After some research I figured a centre bracket from the ceiling would work. However the centre brackets are too short. I need a the bracket to be 140mm long to reach from the ceiling to the pole.

I can't raise the pole as the coving won't allow it.

I've searched and searched for a centre bracket that is long enough and found nothing.

I wondered how I might make a plinth for a centre bracket but surely that would look terrible.

Argh..... it's driving me crazy. :vs_cry::vs_cry::vs_cry:

Any suggestions or help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks, Louise
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A photo or even a sketch would surely help your position here. Worst case, get a piece of plumbers strap and fab up an extension. You can screw the strap to the ceiling, and the too-short bracket to the bottom end of the strap. Can paint it white if you want.

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Google "screw hook".
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Mount the rod from the ceiling and buy longer curtains.
You need a Kirsch 5618 or 5619 center support bracket.


The left end of that image shows the wall portion. You need 1.624" of wall or wood to mount that to. Works with 1-3/8 " poles also.
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