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Hello, I have a culligan water softener. I am not sure what make or model and I do not have any paperwork on the softener itself.

The softener has stopped working. The display shows aqua sensor and I am unable to put it through regen and it does not appear to be cycling.

The unit has plenty of salt in it. The salt has not needed to be refilled for the last month or two. This is unusual. There are 3 people in my house and we use alot of water.

I do not know all of the technical terms, so please be kind.

I would like information on cleaning it as I have not cleaned it in the three years I have lived here.

Also any tips you may have for me to try and get the softener running again.

Thank you!

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First we are going to need to figure out which Culligan it is, there where a few that at that aqua sensor setup.
Along with the sensor there was also a meter with the unit, there should be away of removing the sensor and letting it run just on the meter, but we are going to need to figure out which unit it is.
The board might have a problem, the sensor might be the problem or there could be some thing else that is stopping it from cleaning or regen ..
If the read out says sensor... that is most likely the reason.
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