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culligan water softener system

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Hi! all, first time reader first time poster!please bear with me.system i have was installed in 4/07 gold series 9", same as macman44's.worked fine till few weeks back. water dept tagged me for unusual high usage/possible leak.checked the system, "error" on the display(instead of the time)brine tank completely empty(little water and some dirt settled at the bottom). system may have been malfunctioning for past 3 weeks or so, I have bypassed the system. was the system stuck in regen mode? there was a constant flow of water going down the drain, have been billed for 60,000 gallons!!....there are no settings, buttons etc outside the unit to reset. when i plugged the unit back to the outlet, 'error' msg was gone the time was on display.The slide valve(to bypass the system) didn't slide easy, had to use a rubber mallet. where do i start? pls help!
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If there was no water in the salt tank , then there is every likely hood that the unit stalled in the brine draw slow rinse.
Was there any thing before or after the error?

I am going over 2 culligan books to see what there is about an error but a number after would help.
If the unit stalled in the brine draw slow rinse it is possible to go through a large amount of water if not stopped.
.5gpm x60 minutes is 30 gallons
30 gallons x24 hours is 720 gallons
720 x 7 days is 5040 gallons
And that is not counting what you and your family may have used while the systems was having its melt down.

As for just ERR... that I am not sure of as all the culligan books that I have and that have the digital control there is a number with the err....
From what I can tell with a book that says it is for a gold, ERR 1 is that the motor is failing to start.
If the valve fails to reach
the desired state within 70
seconds of driving the motor.
The control will attempt to
start the motor 3 times for 70
seconds each time with a 60
second off period between
each attempt.
You might try with the system in bypass so that it will de pressurize , remove the two screws holding the slider tray under the motor and try to either jump start the motor, 24 volt motor, or push a regen now button.
If the motor does not turn then the motor is bad, if it turns then the piston is jammed up and will not move tripping the err 1 code.
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1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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