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culligan water softener system

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Hi! all, first time reader first time poster!please bear with me.system i have was installed in 4/07 gold series 9", same as macman44's.worked fine till few weeks back. water dept tagged me for unusual high usage/possible leak.checked the system, "error" on the display(instead of the time)brine tank completely empty(little water and some dirt settled at the bottom). system may have been malfunctioning for past 3 weeks or so, I have bypassed the system. was the system stuck in regen mode? there was a constant flow of water going down the drain, have been billed for 60,000 gallons!!....there are no settings, buttons etc outside the unit to reset. when i plugged the unit back to the outlet, 'error' msg was gone the time was on display.The slide valve(to bypass the system) didn't slide easy, had to use a rubber mallet. where do i start? pls help!
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Thanx! for ur reply, all it read was"ERR"....after i unplugged n plugged it back, the time displayed. have you or anyone heard of dumping 60k gallons of h2o in a span of 3 weeks!.Could it be the control valve body or the brine valve malfunctioning?....resulting in lack of water in the salt tank?
Thanks!...akpsdvan for your help; i refilled the empty brine tank with salt and switched the bypass valve to service and plugged the unit back in.....right away the water started running to the drain!!.....I got the codes this time and the unit was beeping. First code:ERR 1 BACKWASH. SECOND CODE: ERR 1 H
Pls chk that for me and advice if it is possible for me to fix it, would parts be available?.......piston in the valve body?....they cover the valvebody lifetime but not the internal parts!!
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