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Culligan N8 Water Softener won't stop running during recharging

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My husband hit the manual recharge button to recharge the softener. After about 5 hours of the recharge cycle running on and on (water going outside included), we uplugged the system. It still kept running so we hit the bypass. Today when he turned it back on, it was still running. Is there any way to fix this without calling in the Culligan man? He feels that something is stuck but he just can't find it. Can someone help us?
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Is it just the part or the kit that your husband is trying to buy?

Sounds more like they are trying to not sell it to you.

You can use the information that I sent awhile back for another choice if you would like.
I bought a seal pack/brine piston replacement kit from Culligan in Santa Ana, California: 502 S Lyon St., Santa Ana, CA. 92701, the direct phone number is: 714-953-6300. I paid $149.77 this included $10.77 tax. Javier has been working here for over 40 years, he has been very helpful, he even showed me how to replace it. 2 years ago I brought my tank to have the brine filled. But I have a problem, I cannot pulled the entire assembly out, the front part with the pin and piston came out, the rest got stuck, can I loosen the back and push it through the back?
It is possible to go in from the back of the valve.
The valve will have to come off the tank and then the rear clip removed and then the plug pulled and then some thing like a 1" socket to push the seal pack assembly out through the front.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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