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Im looking to purchase 7" crown moulding. I wanted to know if anyone had any idea how many inces from the top of the wall/ceiling a 7" crown moulding would go down to once instaled? i'm just making sure i have enough space up top in a few areas. If anyone could answer that, I would appreciate it.

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As you are being told, this will vary a little bit with the spring angle, the specific profile tips, even the manufacturer.

Some 7" crown is less than 7", some can be more than 7". There are a lot of variables.

But here are a few numbers you can put in the back of your head as ballpark figures..... as distances out onto the ceiling. Use the opposite numbers for wall hangdown.

38= about 4 3/8" You're pretty safe figuring 4 1/2"

45= about 5", give or take a quarter or so.

52= about 5 9/16" Somewhat safe at 5 5/8"

None of this is exact, it's all "give or take" a few fractions, so do like the others suggested, and get a little piece of EXACTLY the molding you intend to use, and measure it in place.

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Hope you've got at least 9' (or better yet, 10') ceilings. Overkill for 8' ceilings. Your post mentioned "space up top" so I'm guessing you've got some fairly narrow soffits above?? Not worried about hitting on top of the door trim or something along those lines??
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