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Crowm Molding question. HELP!

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FIrst of all I can usually figure out what to do, but I'm a little stumped on the best avenue to take with my project.
I never installed ceiling crown molding before, but decided to help some friends out. Actually it is turning out really well and they're excited.
The house is 130 yrs old, none of the walls are even, or unbowed.
Walls are curved. My first experience with the caos of the job.

My question. Need suggestion.
On the last wall 2 windows come to within 1" of the ceiling.
I was thinking of notching out the the molding at a 52" cut around the window. A real headache, but I am not sure.

Any suggestions.

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Or stop at the edge of the window on either side. Cut your piece like an outside corner and put a small return piece to the wall to dead end it....

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Atlanta has the right solution. If you're truly within 1 inch of the ceiling, there's not much of a way you're going to make a notch look right.
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