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Have a client, need to build some shelfs for.
Been putting the shelfs off for almost a year now. :no:

They have a lot of custom wood work all over the house. The current shelfs to be replaced is in the ??? Glorified man cave?
Is a art studio, he makes pottery and has his spinning wheel and all the goodies set up for the craft. A mini gym with exercise equipment, big flat screen on the wall, stereo ...
He has lived an interesting life, his son builds custom Harley Davidson show bikes, Is poster sized photos of motorcycles, and of him and his son ... Old hot rods he built, you get the idea, man cave.

Has 3, 16"x8' plywood shelfs with metal shelf brackets. They hold a collection of restored antique am radios and early stereo receivers, amp's etc ... is a variety of nice wood sitting on them, also a collection of unique pottery.

Looking for some ideas on shelfs fitting for this room, best idea I have is some corbels and 2" thick something? like a fireplace mantel.
I dunno if that is the best I can do. So I ask all the great minds here for some different ideas for creative shelfs.

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I like rustic whenever I can get away with it. I’m thinking 3x natural edge slab stock out of something local (not sure what you guys cut in NM). Maybe some funky corbels out of the same stock or better yet floating shelves with no apparent support.
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