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I went into my bathroom today, and saw this light on my receptacle - attached.
I had just plugged in a new type of perimeter alarm receiver into that top plug a day ago.
I unplugged it, the light didn't go away.

I thought...
I'll go ask the DIY people!

And then I re-thought that... this is not looking right. I think I need a quicker understanding of this.
I'm not an expert electrician... not even a mediocre electrician.
But it's not looking right.
What could possibly be making that light other than an electrical problem that could cause a fire?

I ruled out all reflections as problems with a simple towel to block things from all directions.

I'm all good and safe, just curious if anybody else might recognize that, and know what caused that light.

FWIW, it is a receptacle in the bathroom under a medicine cabinet.


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Move your head. If the glowing part moves, it's a reflection.

Otherwise, it's in exactly the right place to be a serious electrical arcing fire. That outlet has serious problems, probably with a backstab or too-loose screw. Find the problem and kill it with fire before it kills you with fire.
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