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Hoping I can get a simple answer here. I have not been able to find any info on the internet regarding this.

I'm looking to encapsulate my crawlspace in my small home. My house is around 1000 square feet. The house is part crawlspace/part normal basement (unfinished). The crawlspace is broken up into two different sections on each side of the house. Both are vented by a single vent. The underside of the floor in each crawlspace is insulated with fiberglass roll but it is falling out and generally dirty and old. The floor is not covered well either. I'm looking to seal up both vents and put down a vapor barrier with some foam insulation on the exterior foundation walls. First I would clean up and remove the old insulation.

Access to both crawlspace areas is located in the basement. Additionally some of the HVAC ducts run into the crawlspace on the east side of the house and the area there is completely opened and exposed to the crawlspace. Essentially I've got wide open access to the crawlspace and it's very connected to the normal basement area.

Here is my question. Both the hot water tank and furnace are located in the normal basement area. There are no mechanicals in the crawlspace. I am wondering if I need to be concerned about combustion air for the mechanicals if I encapsulate my crawlspace? When I encapsulate I plan on conditioning the air in both crawlspaces by using the HVAC system. In fact one duct running through the crawlspace already has a vent on it. I would leave the access points open for air circulation.

Can anyone help me determine if I can encapsulate as is or should I be concerned about having enough combustion air in my basement?

Thanks in advance!
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