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Are there any long term issues associated with a crawl space extending beyond the perimeter of the interior living spaces, to an exterior tiled porch? The floor joists of the home also extend from the interior living space to the exterior tiled porch. Contractor says that there is plywood above the joists, a cement mortar bed, two layers of RedGard weather proofing, a crack membrane, and then tile applied with thinset and then grouted.

There is one area where a post on the porch was not properly caulked and water penetrated into the subfloor. Contractor claims that when this is sealed, and dried, there should not be any further issues.

We are concerned with the current (but small amount of water damage) as well as longterm issues associated with the crawl space being exposed to outside temperature differentials that could result in moisture. The porch is insulated.

Any thoughts, comments, etc. would sure be appreciated! Thanks!
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