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Crawl space questions

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Hi guys!

New to the forum but seemed like a good spot to get some knowledge.

My mother recently purchased a home in the Chicagland area. Per the town code the crawl space insulation needed to be upgraded to an R19 minimum.

Because of how small of a space it is, 800 Sq FT house, we decided to tackle the project.

When first getting down there, there was an extremely decaying vapor barrier slopped & ripped all over the space & old fiber glass insulation ripped & falling all over.

Not a fun job getting it all out!

When we were down there, it was dry, which was shortly after a good rain, which I was extremely happy about.

Fast forward to last week.

I get down there to run a cable line, first time being back down there since we removed the insulation, which was also after a good rain & there were puddles all over. Some 3-4 inches deep!

I was extremely confused because the only thing that changed was us pulling the old insulation out.

It does not appear to be leaking pipes because some of the puddles are no where near anything.

So after this essay, I come to find out if anyone has any idea where the hell this water could be coming from? & what are my steps to getting it out.

ANY insight will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you guys!

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Welcome to the forums!

You never had condensation on the plastic vb before as the temperature was a lot colder than it is now because you are gaining heat from the lack of insulation. The dirt is the coldest/closest area where the warmed, moist air is going to;

Add new insulation. Fiberglass will sag over the years, and compress from its own weight; especially if a vapor barrier facing is present (more weight= sags fast) and lack of wire supports to hold it up. Use string next time, or a housewrap, or better still-- add foam board to the joist bottoms; Fig.7; May need an ignition barrier, depending on crawl access...

You need the facing if an older house with diagonal solid wood sub-floor and no plywood (with glue layer as a vb). First fill ALL holes in the floor above where wires/pipes enter to above- some go clear to attic. Metal around the bathtub drain to deter rodents. Good time to shoot some low-expanding canned foam under the tub for support/warmth during a bath with a straw extension.

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