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anyone else get any cool freebies from craigslist? i picked this up and it was rotted on one runner, so they needed replacing, but the rest was painted well over the years it seems and had little rust! i used leftover Austrailian Jarrah wood for the handle remake, then used the good ol' boiled linseed oil.
some fresh paint and *presto!* the wife loves it!
and if the motor tiller ever poops out it can certainly be used as it was intended!



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Nice, anything like that around here is sold as an antique
Doesn't matter the condition
I've picked up 4x8 mirror, bricks, patio block - all different kinds - 100's
Enough to make a patio & line my gardens
Free seesaw & slide for my son - brand new
Quite a bit of other odds & ends
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