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I have a Craftsman T240 46-In Riding Mower and the deck belt keeps slipping off, but only when disengaged. When it’s engaged, everything seems to operate just fine and it stays on pretty tight. The belt is not that old, it’s probably only 9 months old, and has been used to mow the yard 10 times. No cracks or anything on the belt. I am however, not very gentle — so I’m assuming something has been knocked loose when running over a stick or something. I did get the blade stuck on a root when I first bought it last September, and the blade got completely bent up — so I had to replace the blades. I have read somewhere that an uneven deck can cause this as well, but I’m not sure if that’s the case here. I can’t really find what I should tighten in order to avoid the belt slipping off. Here are a few photos of the deck.
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