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I had run the mower for about two hours and shut it off to move some things out of the way. When I tried to start it again it just cranked over and back fired. I let it sit for two years then decided to get it running again. I took the valve cover off and found that one of the valve seats had raised up out of the head, so I pulled the head, re-seated the ring and put the head back on. Then I set the space between the push rod and the rocker arm with a .006 feeler gauge and it started right up. The only trouble is when I let off of the clutch it stops running. I don't know what is breaking the connection. I’d be grateful for any ideas?

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Maybe stuck, maybe a bare spot in the wiring rubbing just right when the linkages are moved.

Those dumb safety switch systems are prone to failure , I have had to wire direct a seat switch, because it was not operating when a body was occupying the seat.

There is usually a switch on the clutch assembly that will let it crank only when pressed, .

Take a good look at the owners manual, and mower to see switches wires, and linkages.

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