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Craftsman 12-gal wet/dry vac...

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Hey all, I'm trying to use this craftsman 12-gal wet/dry vac to vacuum up debris from sanding drywall compound, and it has this 'blower' feature. The problem is, there seems to be no valve or switch to close off the blower, and when I suck up all the crap, the vac just blows it all out the blower, filling the room with drywall dust! I've read the manual, and done all that I can think of, but can't seem to figure this out...Is the drywall dust simply too fine for a vacuum with this power? And in case you are wondering, I have the filter in.
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In order for a vac to work, air needs to not just go into it, but out also. what you are getting is the fine dust passing through the filter, and going out with the exhaust air.

You can buy a replacement Hepa filter that will catch a lot more of this dust, and even a pre-filter that is basicly a bag that goes over the filter, that will help as well. Lowes and Depot carry these, as do just about everybody else that sells the vacs. i think the last time i bought the hepa filter for mine, it was around $25 ( the filter bag things are a lot cheaper)
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