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To expert DIYers,

I have hit a stopping point in basement renos. After pulling up the old shag carpet from the late 70s - I've noticed various types of concrete cracks and pits.

I've lived in the house for 6 years. I have never, ever seen sitting water anywhere on the ground in the basement - but the basement has been incredibly humid (though not bad in the winter, currently sitting @ 28%).

I have notice light bits of efflorescence in the pits and cracks.

I guess what I am really hoping to find out, is how to appropriately fix/patch these cracks/pits to ensure moisture is better sealed.

I intended on laying down laminate planks to the whole basement - but am now worried that moisture may ruin them.

I've attached photos of what I am dealing with.

Any advice is welcome! I thank you in advance for even reading this!!

I've posted pictures below! Hopefully I did it right.
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