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cracks on internal wall

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Hi,I live in a terraced house in the UK that was built in the sixties. At that time building regulations were slack as my neighbours central heating flue liner is built in the dividing wall.
I have repaired cracks in the wall many times but as you can imagine as the wall warms up in the winter months and cools off, the cracks appear again.
It is not possible to plasterboard the wall. Can anyone give me ideas on a solution ?
many thanks
Bozron :)
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What materials have been used to construct the wall? And do you know the size of your neighbor's flue?
If the block wall doesn't have any control joints they could be added very easily. A "floating" wall could be constructed over the block wall, simply gyp board on furring or channels. The floating wall can built but not attached to black wall, this will allow the block wall to expand/contract without cracking the gypsum board wall. It would probably best to due both the floating wall and adding any needed control joints to the block wall.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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