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My house is on a concrete slab. I pulled up carpet and found cracks. I need to know if they are a reason to worry and what if anything I should do about them before having tile installed.
They are slightly smaller in width than a pencil. One is about 4’ long. The other is 10’. The house is about 10 years old.


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Those appear to be joints where the plumbing was left out, before the slab was poured, and then plumbing added, and the gap filled in, and the fixtures installed.

Poor planning and shoddy work in my opinion, by the builder.

If they are still flush with each other, good, you can just tile, and be done.

If anything has moved and they are raised or not flush, a leveling needs done, either with a machine, or most likely a leveling slurry poured over the entire floor.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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