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Cracks in Santa Fe knockdown

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I have these two cracks in my ceiling and finally decided to fix and repaint the whole house. I screwed the drywall down and was getting ready to mud and tape, but then started watching some more youtube vids and saw I should scrape the texture off first. I would rather get it flat so I can embed the tape then try to match the texture, but that stuff is solid. Any tricks to make that possible, or should I just tape what I have and hope for the best? Thx for the help in the past.


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That should make a flatter repair although I would have just scraped it down [nothing drastic] then tape and finish. Generally any 'hump' won't be noticeable if it's spread out over a wide enough area. IMO the biggest concern will be in getting the texture to match. For me, knock down is the hardest texture to make blend.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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