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Hi Folks,

I purchased a house last year with a sidewalk along the side to the back (where there is a walk up basement). Unfortunately, the sidewalk was laid too high above the foundation next to the brick vaneer and it cracked and sunken towards the house.

I was told by my neighbor that this is actually the second sidewalk that was laid. And you can indeed see that this stretch is a different colour than the rest.

So I ripped out the sidewalk (which had two steps next to the driveway at the foundations lowest point).

Upon removing the sidewalk I discovered it was poured directly on clay soil. So I dug up a bunch of that and laid crushed gravel down. I have also graded it so the two steps are now split up and rise with the foundation.

I have a mason coming to fix the brick work and after that will have a new sidewalk poured.

What I want to know is what I should put next to the side walk to allow water to follow away from the house? The neighbors grade is much higher than mine.

I though of digging a trench along side the newly poured sidewalk, putting a weeping tile or pipe of sort and covering it with gravel. Is this a good solution? How deep should the trench be? How far should the trench go? To the public sidewalk? To the street (under the sidewalk?).

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