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Cracked caulk along laminate and tile

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I have a kitchen laminate counter top that has tile as a backsplash and the caulk is cracked. It's not just one section it's the whole thing.
What kind of caulk should I use in the kitchen so it lasts a little longer?


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100% silicone - there are many variations of this - you can find something in a dark tan color to match that. Yours looks so new that you might want to just find the same stuff that was used and put it over it for now rather than do a lot of scraping. You've got some sanded caulk it looks like there which is hard to find in a silicone. I'm far from an expert though.
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It does have a sanded feel to it.
I just bought the home, so I do not have any of the caulk that was used.
I'll get 100% silicone caulk. The color isn't too important to me right now;it's just unsightly.

Thank you.
If it feels sanded they probably grouted the joint which was wrong.A transition like that should be caulked.Any real paint store should be able to get a close match for caulk.
Assuming it's caulk, what's the easiest way to get this off the tile and laminate counter?
Tape off the counter top and use a sharp utility knife blade.

Take a section of that color to a proper tile shop and they will have the right color match in an appropriate caulking.
I'm with mako1 - that looks like grout when it should have been sanded caulk.

I'd remove it by carefully chipping it off (if it chips off, it's definitely grout) and scraping it as close to bare tile as you can. Clean it well and use the proper color matched sanded caulk. It's pretty widely available in many colors and is usually a "siliconized acrylic".

I've use the MAPEI line available at Lowes with success. Color match may not be exact.
Well the verdict is in. It's caulk, maybe even sanded caulk not sure. These are small pieces, but when I color match I'll get a bigger one.


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