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Plumbing in the new laundry room is a bit complicated, and I am an amateur plumber at best. Working in 3/4” CPVC, I’ve been making subassemblies, carefully marking fitting depth and angle, build up away from the point of installation. Anyway, sitting at the bench, applying glue to a fitting and the end of a pipe… and I had done the wrong one! :vs_mad:

Well, just the fitting. Panicking, I wiped out the interior of the fitting, got it down to bare CPVC. Is this fitting “toast”, need to throw it away, instead of re-primering and re-gluing? Of course, the last connection in a subassembly, I might need to throw rather a lot away that I had already done and, with lockdown, getting more fittings might be unwise. But if that’s the way it is…
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