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CPVC - full port ball valve?

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Do they make full port ball valves in CPVC or will I need to use the brass ones?

I'm wondering if they makes the below as a full port valve, hoping it might save me a few buck ... not just of the cost of the valve, but the fitting I would need if I had to use the brass ones with CPVC.


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Do yourself a favor and do not use CPVC valves, they are junk. Use a brass valve and 2 CPVC male adapters.
Have to agree. If the valve will not be operated very often (I have a couple of them) then CPVC would probably work. But otherwise, use brass. My main plumbing shutoff is in the crawl space. It's brass. But for more convenience in the case of a big plumbing leak or, say, replacing a faucet, I put in a CPVC valve in my laundry room, next to the water softener. In seven years, I've operated it exactly twice.
Guys thanks for the info, but what I'm trying to do is see if they make 1" full port CPVC valves. When ever I see CPVC valves, unlike brass valves, they're don't say whether they are full port or not.

Can anyone tell me if they a 1" CPVC full port valve is available?

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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