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Wall heater won’t ignite on its own. I have cleaned the pilot generator, I can’t unscrew the pilot to clean properly, I did use a wire brush on it, and put a paper clip in the orifice to make sure it is clear. Pilot stays on, thermostat clicks on, won’t ignite until I tap the pilot/generator.
I also took the front panel off and vacuumed inside of it. It worked fine for 1/2 a day after. I can unscrew and pull out the generator tip, which I then lightly sanded to get rid of build up, but I can’t get the pilot to unscrew, I don’t know if it’s just build up preventing it or what. Also, I adjusted the pilot adjustment screw. It will decrease the flame size once tightened all the way, but once I open it to make the flame larger, it only gets a tiny bit bigger. I feel like I could unscrew it completely out without having the flame get any larger. Heater will only ignite when tapped at pilot, kicked, or rattled hard.

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