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Coxial cable help

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I'm redoing all electrical in my 1901 Victorian and ready to pull coaxial cable but confused if I should get the standard RG6 or the RG6 quad kind.

I'm not sure what kind to use.
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Thanks. I'm just running cable for my HDTV in three rooms.

How about cable type for my Internet connection ? RG6 still?
ddawg16 said:
Internet? I'm going to assume you have cable for both internet and TC.

Yes....that would be RG6 as well.

Assuming you have cable...a little background.

The internet portion of your cable typically sits on the upper freq spectrum of the bandwidth...close to 1Ghz. Hence, you want to make sure you use a cable splitter that has at least a 1Ghz freq range.

Typically, your cable comes in...goes to a output goes to your cable modem, the other end to the TV or cable box. If more than one TV, then you will have a splitter with more than 2 outputs.

Caution, everyone of those output ports drops the signal by 3db (half power) if your using a 5 port splitter (4 outputs)...each output is going to only have 1/4'th power as your incoming signal.

Anyway....after your cable modem you have an Ethernet cable...this will either go to an Ethernet switch or, if your like most of us...a wireless router. For the Ethernet, Car5E or Cat6 is fine.

Hopefully I have totally confused you now.
Thanks. It was a big help.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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