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Covert pole barn into house

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I recently bought some land with a really nice 25x55 "wood pole barn" (I think thats the term). It is only a couple of years old, solid, with a new metal roof. I want to convert it into a house but I am concerned about the foundation. It was built with 4x4 posts set directly into the ground. I drilled down beside a couple of the posts with a 3 foot 1/2" drill bit just to see if there was any concrete around the posts below the surface. I didn't hit anything so it would seem the posts are just backfilled with dirt. I know this type of post setting can be common with pole barns but if I convert it into a house...
Could this be a problem? I was thinking of pouring a slab too.
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you need to speak with the building department in your area as to the codes involved. a pole building is not acceptable, in many areas as a residential structure.
There are no building codes where I live.
Building codes exist thru-out the US
You may not have permits & inspections where you are
But the codes still exist

A building code is a set of rules that specify the minimum acceptable level of safety for constructed objects such as buildings

The major model building code used in the United States is developed by the International Code Council (ICC), the International Building Code (IBC).
Where are you located?
The posts in dirt would be a real problem if you are in a frost area
How tall is the building?
I've seen lots of barns converted around here
I live in Kentucky so there is some frost here. The barn has been around a few years with no noticeable settling so far. It has a flat roof that is 15 feet tall at the front and slopes down to about 11 feet at the rear. If this post/foundation is a problem can it be fixed?
I'd get it jacked up and have a basement done. This aint cheap though, but if you bought the property without an actual house I'm guessing you had intent to build anyway.
I was planning to build but lack of funds got me thinking I could save a bundle of time and money buy using the barn.
What is the worst that can happen? Post rotting? Settling? Is there a low cost solution to make this work?
I read that the post usually rot at the surface. Maybe I could dig down a foot or two and wrap them or coat them before I pour the slab???
Also if I covert this into a house and set up a proper drainage system around the house wouldn't that cut down on the moisture around the post?
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