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Covering Radiant Heat ceilings.

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We are looking at buying a house; however, the ceilings are really an eye sore and we would like to cover or remove the heavily textured ceilings.

However, there is radiant heat in the ceilings. From what I am able to gather, radiant ceiling heat was real popular here in the 1970s. There were 3 methods of installation.

#1 Ceiling and walls are hung and finished.Electricians install ceiling cables.After cables are installed, 2 coats of a plaster product called RADEX is applied over the cables, then a texture is applied.

#2 Hang a layer of drywall on ceilings only.Tape flat joints.Electricians install cable.Hangers roll joint compound over cables and hang a 2nd layer of drywall on ceiling, then hang walls.

#3 Hang a drywall product on the ceiling called Panelectric, which is a 5/8" drywall panel with the cables installed within the core of the board.
The Panelectric co. does not recommend the use of mesh tape for their product.

So, how do I tell what type of ceiling there is (the real estate agent is unable to tell us) and how could I cover up or remove the ceiling without damaging the radiant ceiling heat. I would hate to cover the ceiling with dryway and screw into a wire and I am not sure if it can be scraped away like a popcorn ceiling. Since the hous was built in the 70's we would test for asbestos before doing anything but what would be the best way to get a nice flat ceiling?
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I have a question. Do you NEED the radiant in the ceiling ? Depending on your locale and where the room is located (1st or 2nd floor and is it on a North, East, South, or West exterior wall) you might be able to just turn the heat off for that room and remove all that ceiling and do a new smooth drywall job. If this doesn't sound appetizing I think Maintenance6 has a good idea.

I just reread your query= Is the whole house radiant CEILING heat ?
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