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Covering pipe that runs along floor and wall...

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So I covered the pipe that runs across the wall with help from someone in this thread...

Now I need to cover another. Any suggestions?

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Is this house on a slab?
Also please go back and add your location to your profile. Just hit the area where your name is in the top right to edit.
I'm converting a car port on a slab into living space...
What's behind that stone wall?
Do you even need that pipe there any more if your converting it?
House on other side of the wall. That pipe feeds the outdoor kitchen that was added as some later date...

I guess I could box the pipe in and make it look like trim but I don't know how I would attach it..,
Why not just get rid of it?
It supplies water to the outdoor kitchen...
To turn a carport into living space, the slab is usually required to have a footer. Does yours? In my experience, most do not. Are you getting permits for this job?
yeah its has a footer...the car port was partial converted when we bought the property...

now if i could get some answers instead of a bunch of questions it would be sweet!

There is no pretty magic way to cover this up that's why were asking questions to see if there's a better way to run it.
If there's a crawl space behind that stone wall why not just run the pipe through the wall and get rid of all that exposed piping?
The other side of stone the dining room. The pipe must be there and can't be moved. Can't never could so ill figure something out...I was just hoping for a little help :(
Btw...The spigot will be concealed by a cabinet/desk. I only need to do something about the pipe THST runs along floor...
I'd rip two boards, one about 2 1/2" wide and the other 1 3/4" wide and make an L out of them, paint them brown and set the L on the floor with the 1 3/4" on the vertical across the entire room covering the pipe were it sits and just being on the wall for the rest of the room. you can scribe this L to the rock wall and cut out all of the rock scribes in the backside of the L to make it fit to the rock wall. that is concrete so the L would be best to be tough wood, treated or pvc etc... so it does not soak up moisture... use glue when installing and place something heavy a top the L to hold it in place while the glue sets
How about rerouting it over the top in the attic space?
if the spigot is going to be concealed by a cabinet / desk just box out the pipe to look like another leg support then box out another one so that it looks symmetric.
If you are going to be covering the spigot so that it is never used, you might just want to remove and cap that part of the pipe (leaving the feeder to your outdoor kitchen). Spigots are known to leak from time to time, and having that happen once this is buried in your desk would be a pain in the butt to fix. As for hiding the pipe that runs along the floor, it doesn't look like it is too far from the wall. Could you get a thicker piece of material to use as a baseboard, and route/rabbet out a path along the backside for the pipe? Then put it in place and it would just look like trim, with the pipe concealed inside/behind it. Added benefit: if you ever need to get to that water line, you only need to remove a piece of baseboard.
I like hand drive and hyunelin's solutions. So I can just glue wood to stone or do I need to use fasteners as well?
glue and weight to hold it down while glue dries is all that is need imo, the baseboard idea is good also for sure and will work.... maybe a 2x base that can be routed out in the back, just won't be able to notch out the backside to accommodate the stonework as easily.
yeah its has a footer...
And you know this how?? Just because the previous owner started what you're attempting to finish? Not something I'd bet a bunch of my time and money on.

You pointedly didn't answer my question about having a permit. But I guess that's an answer in itself. Hope one of your neighbors doesn't rat you out.
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