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covering a drain pipe in a cement floor

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I'm doing a room addition and the wall I am taking out has a 3 inch cast iron (might be steel) pipe in it. This area will be the middle of my new living room. I'll need to cut the pipe off and cement over it to level up the floor. Any ideas on what to cover the pipe with or thoughts on an easy way to do this?
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If it's just cast iron a 16-22 oz framing hammer and a strong arm will bust it up fairly quickly. Make sure it's not a vent for your sewer or the sewer itself first. If you can legally take it out once the floor area is clear keep busting concrete around the hole about an 1" bigger than the hole itself. Go down about two inches and keep busting the cast iron down to that level if possible. Take a big plug of insulation and stuff it at least 6" down the hole, mix and 10# bag of sackrete towards the dry side and smooth it out with the top of concrete.

If it is steel you will need a sawzall with a metal cutting blade. (A Lenox 10 tooth x 8-10" bimetal blade should do it) Lay the blade down flat on the concrete and try to cut the STEEL pipe off perfectly flush with the top of concrete. Then jamb a tight plug of insulation about 6" down the pipe and mix your concrete and smooth off level withtop of concrete.
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