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covering a drain pipe in a cement floor

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I'm doing a room addition and the wall I am taking out has a 3 inch cast iron (might be steel) pipe in it. This area will be the middle of my new living room. I'll need to cut the pipe off and cement over it to level up the floor. Any ideas on what to cover the pipe with or thoughts on an easy way to do this?
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Make sure you know what that pipe is for before cutting it off. 3" cast or steel sounds like a vent line. where does it go after coming out of the floor? If the house is 2 story, it may be the main drain for upstairs fixtures. If you do fill it in, make some sort of a stopper a few inches below the top of the pipe and then fill it in. It may connect to a tee under the flor and just "throwing" some cement into the pipe could clog a connecting pipe.
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