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covering a drain pipe in a cement floor

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I'm doing a room addition and the wall I am taking out has a 3 inch cast iron (might be steel) pipe in it. This area will be the middle of my new living room. I'll need to cut the pipe off and cement over it to level up the floor. Any ideas on what to cover the pipe with or thoughts on an easy way to do this?
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At the MINIMUM get a plumber in there to tell you what the pipe is for! You could end up with a nightmare if you cut the pipe with no knowledge of its purpose. As stated before, it might be part of the venting (which will affect your other plumbing) or even worse, the actual drain. It would NOT have been installed for no reason in the first place. In the end, it might be easier to make a decorative post around it than to just cut it off and fill it in.
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