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I need to countersink a 1/2" lag plus washer going in at a 45* angle. With the washer on it needs to be 1-1/2 wide. I tried to use a spade bit and go in at a 45* angle and I almost had a serious injury, the bit spun right off the wood catching my shirt and winding up :eek:

Any idea how I can do this safely?

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drill a hole through a block of wood lengthwise with the paddle bit. Then cut the block on a 45 with a miter saw. Temporarily attach the angled block to the piece that needs the angled counter-bore and use the hole through the block as a guide.

Be very careful in clamping or screwing the guide to the workpiece to keep it stable.
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Was the bit of quality and sharp?

Usually in these situations I cut the wider recess for the countersink first and then drill whatever hole for the anchor.

You might try something other than a blade auger.

As mentioned, be careful if your bit is flying around the essence of giant pilot hole at this point.

Hole saw and chisel might help if you go slow.
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