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Could anyone recommend steps to insure a professional result

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I am an amatuer painter with lots of experience, but have not used enamel paint in years. I am contemplating using a satin enamel paint on some beadboard I installed in a craft room, but am a bit unsure how difficult it will be to get a smooth durable finish. Could anyone recommend steps to insure a professional result?
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I am thinking of painting some beadboard I put in a craft room with cream colored enamel. It has been many years since I painted with enamel. Can anyone share tips to insure I get a professional looking result?:)Thanks for any help you can give me.
Reading does not necessarily give the skills- but here's the order of business:
Prime with underbody ( primer meant to go on raw wood before enamel)
sand, fill nail holes, caulk where needed
First finish coat
Lightly sand , second finish coat

I would back brush all. this means apply a section with a roller and finish off with long brush strokes to lay off smooth.
Would help to know what paint you wanted to use.
Oil / waterborne? Whose?

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I would suggest using a middle to higher grade satin/semi-gloss enamel by SW or BM, maybe BM Aura. The better paints by the top brands will cover better. Since painting bead board is time consuming, if you have to go to a third coat with a lesser paint, the labor outlay will dwarf the higher material cost.

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Painting Beadboard

Thanks for the suggestions, I usually do use either BM or PP, so I will try the Aura. I have already primed the board so will not be so time consuming for the finish coats. Do you recommend using a sealer on the finished wall?
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