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Cost to Install Wood Fence Posts with Sono tubes

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Hi, I recently had a contractor come to my home to quote on an addition I am planning. I pointed out that a couple segments of my fence blew over during a storm and would need repair. He contacted me a couple days later saying he had some time available and would come by to fix the fence. I was at work and didn't think about asking for a price since I repaired 2 segments in the past for $200 in labour.

Long story short!

$500 labour to remove 4 old posts

$1200 Labour to install 4 new posts with Sono tubes

$250 Labour to screw fence down with planks

$300 to dump old materials

$365.50 building supplies wood, concrete and tubes

totally $2615.50 tax $2955.51

I lost it! I priced post installation in the area and posts are being installed for $35-$65 /hole. I found a site advertising $250 for 6 holes with concrete and Sono tubes.

Am I missing something? $1200 was just the labour to install 4 posts. Holes were dug already when he removed old concrete ($500 charge on bill)

I only had $1200 on me at the time which I paid him. I am being advised NOT to pay him any more but don't know what my Legal rights are when we had not discussed price. He simply texted me that he was free and I texted back from work to go ahead. I assumed he would be in the ballpark as other posting companies having priced them in the past.

I'd appreciate any advice on this issue

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where do you live, on the moon ? you should not have given him $1. BUT, you should have gotten a quote first.

i am building a 6' wood fence right now. when i get 1 post and 4 bags of cement on sale, about $20.
We have no pictures, no location.
Who would install fence post on Sonotubes?
He has no written contract, so good luck to him trying to collect the money.
That price quoted is nuts.
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Who would install fence post on Sonotubes?
I was wondering the exact same thing. It doesn't make any sense At all to use them to install a fence post. You want the fencepost to be very stable in the ground and when you use a Sonotube you have to backfill around it which defeats the whole purpose of cementing a fence post in place.
In my defence , I did ask for a written quote which the fence was part of the job. He texted me a couple days later while i was busy at work telling me he had free time to fix the fence and i texted him the go ahead. I fixed a portion a couple years ago for $200! Didn't think it was a big job. Have since got 3 quotes for same job highest being $740!

I'm from London Ontario.

Looking into the "legal" aspect of our agreement. No discussion of price but I did agree to him doing the work.
I am not an attorney. I recall that if no price was agreed upon, the legal maxim of quantum meruit would come into play. The burden would be on him to establish that his price was reasonable, and then you would counter what the reasonable value of services were based on what others charge. You now have three quotes which would establish that value.

If it were me, I would tell this fellow as far as you are concerned he has been overpaid, and wish him well and if he wants to make an issue of it, you will be seeking money back.

Just imagine the price he would charge for the addition.
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