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Cost of replacing whole system

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I can't get a cost without calling someone. I have a two story 1850 sq ft house. I have a split system that was installed in 1992. I assume I will have to get a new air handler/furnace with a new condenser unit because of the new freon. Can anyone in the know give me a ballpark figure??
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If you go for a heatpump with coil, air handler, etc, you're probably in the region of 4000-6000. Add another 2000-3000 for an A/C with high eff furnace system. Could be less or more, depending if you go bottom of the line or top of the line.
Electric or gas?

Rough guesses on sizes for Georgia climate (100,000 btu gas furnace, 5 ton ac), figuring it's a basement. Ball park is 8,600 to 12,160 installed, depending on equipment, access, and the contractor's markup practices. This is just my opinion, but somebody charging under $8k for a remove/replace is either not providing himself a living wage or staying in business, or he's selling less than good stuff. You might get it that low if someone is hungry for work, but understand that something that low carries risks.

You'll probably get a couple hundred bucks in a rebate for a high efficiency unit, and your contractor might also qualify for a rebate. Ask him about both.
Prices vary greatly by the region.

Since estimates are free.

Just call and have a couple contractors come out and give you some estimates.
I'm with Been et estimates...they are free

You don't have to go with the big name HVAC companies in your town. Check out the independent companies less over head usually means lower cost and get refferences.
Yes, big time spread in overhead practices. Also, my numbers didn't account for the independent tradesman with basically no overhead. His numbers will generally be lower. For the consumer looking for a great combo of price and service, it might be hard to beat a really qualified local independent tradesman with an excellent reputation.
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