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cost of installation of flooring

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I see costs of installation of flooring in Calif at 2 to 3$ a sq ft. We have old oak flooring. Does the cost usually include removing the old?
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The cost of installation would never include tear out of old flooring. This would be the base cost of new installation and most likely would not cover any costs related to potential issues such as substrate failure etc. If you want to just cover up the old floor with a new floor you will need to consider what you are installing over and what the new floor installation is. Such as is it tile, carpet new wood floor etc. A lot of issues are involved in installing a new floor. It is not just slapping a new covering over the old.
Flooring installation prices vary widely from state to state and even city to city. Get several bids.
Hi Barry,

HA HA, you're kidding of course. :whistling2: So you think everyone should be paying for rip out even if it's not required?

You should familiarize yourself with what needs to be done, and how. Find 2-3 contractors that specialize in what you need done, not handymen types. Make sure they're qualified, legitimate & licensed if it's required where you are. Labor costs do vary, but there is nothing worse then a price that too low, flags should go up.

costs of installation

Thanks for the post. I suspect the prices quoted in the places like Lumber Liquidators, etc are for install only. Thanks for the confirmation. I would only hire a licensed and bonded etc professional. Have seen too many rip offs to hire someone without first checking the state as well.
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