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Pricing questions seldom end well here---

To many variables---please make several local calls----

You will need an excavator to dig the trench---and a concrete company--and then another charge for back filling and grading---

Make some calls----send a copy of your blue prints----even then---local building permits vary in cost--soil conditions can change costs---access to the site can change costs---
distance from civilization can change cost---

to many variables----

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jefferyscott said:
Yes. Obviously. But what about taxes?
In my municipality the sales tax rate is 7.7%, which I figured into the price. I assumed the OP lived right next door to me, since he didn't say where he lived.

Actually, my neighbor on one side is an alcoholic and the other house is vacant, so I may have been mislead.

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For the record, I realize that at <15 posts I'm not really entitled to chime in like I did. I'm as likely as the next newbie to be vague, although I do try to be clear.
Anyway, just putting myself back in my place.

Oh, and for the record your price is $115.73 before taxes. :)

17,846 Posts you know what asking a price in here is not a good thing....

Don't take it personal....those guys do it to everyone.....

Time to get out the phone book and start calling...

A little secret in finding a concrete guy....go down to your local concrete supply...the place that fills up the concrete trucks.....ask the guys there for some recommendations....they know which guys are staying busy....translation...most likely do good work...

You want at least 3 estimates.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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