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Cortel Steel Panels

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I'm building several cinder block walls for a water feature. The walls will be faced with corten panels and water will pour from a spillway on the top and cascade down the face.

What is the best method for attaching 1/4" corten steel panels to the cinder block walls? Sizes vary between 2'x4' - 3'x7'. I'd like to avoid seeing any attachment hardware from the front. Is it possible to use construction adhesive, mortar, thin-set?
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If I use 1/8" steel for this project, will there be any problem welding pins to the back without causing visible blemish or changes to the front?

Also, if I design a fire feature as follows, is 1/8" corten steel thick enough to remain upright and rigid in this example?


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I don't know too much about steel types or working with steel yet. Corten seems to be the trendy buzz word now in architecture and landscape design, so that's what I was looking at. Ideally what I like is the rusty/bronze/industrial look in most all the images I see when I google Corten.

That back piece is approximately 5' x 3' as scale reference.

Sounds like if I plan to weld anything for attachment purposes 1/4" in is almost necessary. Anything less and I'll risk ruining the front face. I may consider using 1/8" material and bolting through the front in that case.
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