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correct window framing? incorrect header

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I recently hired a contractor to install two new windows on the side of my house. There were no window openings previously. It meant cutting an opening in the siding and drywall and frame in a new opening. They finished the job. Upon inspection, I noticed that the header consists of a single 2x4 bridging the span between the vertical studs. They didn't create what I thought was a typical header consisting of two 2x6's or 2x8's. Is this something I should be concerned about? I thought any exterior wall was load bearing and therefore should be supported using the required framing practices. If you have any informations, suggestions, I would be extremely grateful. Thank you!
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my construction is 2x12 perimeter beams inside and out, so in my case, what they did would be fine.
possibly ok in yours as well. was it permitted? inspected?

Yes, the exterior walls are bearing. Unless there is a structural truss above, in that ceiling. Not another floor above. I doubt there is a W, or fink truss (structural), above that wall. Probably a gable (studding all running vertically) OR is there another floor above?

20' building width.....carrying roof & ceiling only....requires 2-2x4 nailed together.... to span 3'6" (window) maximum

Since the short-cut there, I would worry about the outside flashing over the window! Be safe, G
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