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Correct way to run PVC up 4x4 post and outlets on opposite sides?

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I'm using a 4x4 wooden post for my pool equipment and I just finished digging the trench (18") for PVC but I'm a bit confused.

I have my PVC coming from the house and towards the "front" of the 4x4. I need one outlet on the "left" of the 4x4 and another on the "right". The PVC is carrying 5 conductors for these two different circuits. (i.e. the two outlets are on different circuits)

What's the best way to run the PVC?

Should I tee the PVC in the ground before it comes up the sides of the 4x4?

Should I start to come up the 4x4 and then put a tee above-ground and then split to the two sides of the 4x4?

I'm having trouble finding 90 degree elbow to turn the PVC around the corners of the 4x4.

Hopefully this makes sense what I'm trying to do... (two outlets on different sides of a 4x4 and each on a different circuit/wires)

Somebody suggested running the conduit to the one side of the post/outlet, and then going through the 4x4 to the other side outlet.

This is getting inspected so it needs to be code complaint...
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Are there not 90 degree "street ells" in your local BOX store?

With the T, and street ell, and short nipple, and another street ell going up, you should have a way to run the wiring.

It'll be tight pulling, but it will go, if you are persistent.

Look at the Arlington Garden post. The pvc will come up in the center and has a space for receptacles on each side.
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