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Try this to start but it becomes increasing disappointing. Pains me. We are simply out of the business!

My Fein thingie is the best tool purchase I have made in the last decade but it was like $500 with tax. For all I know, it has a Chinese motor in it. The moving parts are metal and not plastic for the most part.

I am old enough to remember cheap Japanese electronics. Now, for the price point, would your trust any other?

I still buy my real tools from a tool store for lots of reasons and you should too. They may well have Chinese motors and gears for that matter. The Chinese can make good things if pressed to do so. We don't ask much of them.

But the thing for $139 at the tool store vs. the one for $89 in neon at a box store needing 200-300 percent markup to hold the store together? My tool store will still give me a loaner if something has to go for repair. There is no repair option for box store crap. If it is out of warranty, trash it and buy a new one.

Harbor Freight is the greatest thing to happen as far as bringing honesty to the box stores. Low price, but low margin operation. Butt ugly stores that do not sell coffee cheap or offer paint and primer as one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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