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Corded back ups

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How many of you keep corded tools in reserve on case of batteries dead or heavy duty service. Some examples: a milwaukee super sawzall 6527 comes out when my v18/18 ni cad milwaukee hatchet can't cut it. Which isn't often but it does come out. A makita 2.3 amp 6952 impact driver when my makita 6932 14.4 is burning through batteries. And a 9072 milwaukee impact wrench when my v18/18 ni cad milwaukee 0883 can't cut the mustard. Which happens sometimes on lug nuts despite it's 2200 inch lb(180lb ft) torque rating. Sometimes under heavy load the v18 cut out and I have to use a ni cad 18 volt battery. And if that doesn't work;out comes the cord and the 9072.
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Outside of the belt sander and orbital sander I can't remember the last time I got out a corded hand tool. The solution to battery power is more batteries. :) I've not found much around the house that can't be done with a cordless tool and I hate stringing cords. I've got a sampling of small and large batteries and a couple chargers so I can go a long time.

About the only time I wished for a corded was when we were replacing drywall in the basement of our old house. Previously they used construction adhesive and we used the M12 multitool and scraper blade to take it off. It would drain the batteries faster than I could charge them (I had 2 at that time). Other than that it's no biggie to swap batteries.
I have two corded drills.....1/2" chuck and 3/8" chuck.....comes in handy when I'm doing a lot of drilling in one spot. One of them usually keeps the Kreg pocket hole bit in.
the only backups i use for cordless gear is drills.. cordless circ saws are only good for light duty cuts. cordless recips are toys , they cant handle heavy cutting and drain a batter in minutes..

i use a corded hammer drill or sds hammer for drilling in concrete for wedge anchors or tapcons. corded drill when im in production mode for drilling out for door knobs as a cordless drill can only handle about 8 holes with a 2 1/8 holesaw.. and i use a corded impact wrench for driving lag bolts for attaching ledgers for decks and lvl beams for floor systems on additions
Here is a corded drill that I bought not as a reserve,
but mostly to drill Kreg pocket holes.
Kreg recommends using a minimum 2000 RPM drill
.......(See the 'Tips' at the bottom of this pdf)


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I mostly just use corded tools. Aside from my drill/driver and impact driver, most of my cordless stuff is just used for light duty stuff.
Thanks for the replies! I think cordless is convenient but when the going gets tough get out the cord. My mechanic friend and I love using my milwaukee v18 0883 impact wrench to remove lug nuts on our vehicles if we torqued them previously to the correct torque w/ a torque wrench. It removes them easily if properly torqued. But if one of our vehicles was worked on( state inspection etc) and a air gun was used then the v18 batteries shut down to protect themselves and out comes the corded or a breaker bar.
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